With Peter Fisher

Dorothy Linell with Peter Fisher

Dorothy Linell with Peter Fisher

“52 Strings and a Bow!”
Peter Fisher and Dorothy Linell had talked for some years of forming a duo to explore the extensive possibilities presented by the combination of violin with plucked instruments – 52 strings and a bow to be precise! Having frequently met together on the concert platform performing the Baroque repertoire with various ensembles, they finally “got their act together” as a duo!

Peter and Dorothy like to set the scene for their performances with brief and enlightening introductions to the music, composers and instruments. The range of instruments as seen in the picture are an indication of the diversity of styles covered by their repertoire – from the Renaissance to the present day – from virtuosic Baroque sonatas to Neapolitan love songs.

“Peter Fisher is the real thing, a polished performer who loves what he does and who wants you to love it too. Some morning he might be standing in line behind you at the store, waiting to purchase a pint of milk or a bottle of aspirin. You probably wouldn’t realise that a terrific violinist was right next to you, but I think the rest of your day would nevertheless be better because your personal space intersected his for at least a moment”. International Record Review

“Peter Fisher played with warmth and forthrightness and entranced a full audience”. London Evening Standard